White Supremacy Memes (In Hiatus)

Welcome to my tumblr blog where I post political satire and white supremacy memes.

Free-market, reactionary, monarchist, nationalist and anti-degenerate.

Pronomen mei et is et euis sunt.

My triggers are: degeneracy, heterophobia, feminists, super-zionists, people saying "nazi," people not using my pronouns.

All ethnicities are welcome. Just keep in mind that mine is the best.

Intolerance will not be tolerated.

Hate mail encouraged.

On My Hiatus.

I’ll be in hiatus for the next few weeks. After that, I’ll be going full force with more memes than ever. Until then, stay loud, stay proud and fight for justice.

Anonymous: What's the #1 thing that irks you about feminists? How do you feel about abortion? What's your favorite thing about being white? How do you think white women should be as a person/behavior/appearance? What do you think should happen in order to preserve whites and do you think we're soon to be extinct? (QNA) Please explain your entire beliefs about white people, the conspiracy of mixing races and everything else to do with your racial beliefs in a separate video!


Idea for a two-volume book series:

  • Book one:
    a life-affirming story about pretentious teens with superiority complexes who have experiences and give nauseatingly quotable musings on philosophy and what it means to be alive, which often involves their enjoyment of books and tea and their condescending view of the popular kids as sheep
  • Book two:
    the same exact story, except this time it's being narrated by the teacher who has to deal with these asshole kids on a daily basis but is legally barred from saying "are you fucking kidding me" when they say some pretentious bullshit about how they prefer the smell of old books to the taste of alcohol. The teacher is re-telling the story to her friend at the bar, and her friend refuses to accept that these children could POSSIBLY be as pretentious as she makes them sound

Anonymous: do you believe in the new world order ?

What about it?