White Supremacy Memes

Welcome to my tumblr blog where I post political satire and white supremacy memes.

Free-market, reactionary, monarchist, nationalist and anti-degenerate.

Pronomen mei et is et euis sunt.

My triggers are: degeneracy, heterophobia, feminists, super-zionists, people saying "nazi," people not using my pronouns.

All ethnicities are welcome. Just keep in mind that mine is the best.

Intolerance will not be tolerated.

Hate mail encouraged.

Anonymous: It's unfortunate you've been brainwashed from a young age, hopefully one day you'll realise how much time and effort you've wasted. I've listened to one of your videos and it seems like you've absolutely no idea what you're talking about and are just repeating the words of another ignorant white man. We are all here together, no one is better than anyone. Grow up, educate yourself (in the right away) or just keep your disgusting malicious opinions to yourself.

Me rn.

Anonymous: Am I a race traitor if I befriend black people with well paying jobs, work ethic, and don't speak in Ebonics?

No. Race traitor is reserved for those who fuck people of another race. Exemplae Gratiae: A white woman fucking a black man is a race traitor, asian man fucking a black girl et cetera.